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Complementary Herbal Therapy for People With Chronic Liver Disease

So far, now herbal medicines have been found that cure any type of chronic liver disease, but milk thistle is recognized as being beneficial for the liver. Taking this herb may help the liver to heal by strengthening the organ and reducing inflammation. Researchers have taken interest in studying the effects of milk thistle to learn when its use is most advantageous.

Reasons for Research on Herbal Therapy

A main reason that researchers want to discover possible benefits of herbs for patients with liver disease is that synthetic medicines have not been completely effective. Patients commonly have to live with chronic liver disease such as hepatitis, which can decrease their quality of life and make them feel fatigued and ill.

Another reason is that pharmaceutical agents for treating liver disease commonly have serious negative side effects. People taking these drugs may develop anemia, impaired bone marrow function, chronic nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Oddly enough, one possible side effect of a drug commonly prescribed for hepatitis treatment is liver dysfunction.

A Combination of Strategies

Silymarin and silibinin, active components in milk thistle, have been found as therapeutic in patients with hepatitis, fatty liver, fibrosis and cirrhosis. It may slow disease progression, although the patient must take other actions for liver protection. A person who is obese must lose weight, while an individual who abuses alcohol must stop. It’s best to eat a healthy diet with natural foods and avoid substances associated with inflammation, like artificial sweeteners and refined sugar.

In addition to combining conventional medicine and herbal therapy, it’s important for these patients to focus on their attitude. If they see a chronic disease as a hopeless situation, they may not be proactive in doing what they can to feel better and live life as fully as possible.

Learning More

Anyone who is interested in learning more about natural herbal medicines and other healthy choices may like to peruse a website such as Live Goodly. Information is provided on a variety of herbs for different health problems. Patients who want to try milk thistle for chronic liver disease should consult with their medical team first, especially if they are taking prescription medications that could interact with the herb.