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Understanding the Link Between Belly Fat and Alzheimer's Risk
Belly fat has long been a concern for physical health, but recent studies have highlighted its potential impact on cognitive health. Research has unearthed a compelling link between excess abdominal fat...
Social Care
The Health and Social Care Sector: A Comprehensive Overview
RSV Outbreaks
Addressing RSV Outbreaks: The Urgent Need for Beyfortus
RSV Outbreaks ! The recent surge in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) cases among children, notably at Missio Children’s Clinic Moenchberg in Wuerzburg, Germany, highlights the pressing demand for...
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UK Approves World First Gene Editing Therapy (Casgevy)
The historic decision could revolutionize the treatment of sickle cell disease and -thalassaemia, but the technology is too pricey. The UK medicines regulator has approved a new therapy that uses CRISPR...