World Diabetes Day

Living with Type Two Diabetes: Paul Kennedy’s Journey

Paul Kennedy, an integral part of the esteemed Men in Sheds program by Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, shares his personal encounter with type two diabetes, spanning over five challenging years.

Embracing Diagnosis Challenges

Paul’s admission of the initial diagnosis unveils a tough reality. “Discovering my diabetes was a shock. There were no clear signs except for an unusual spike in my intolerance to alcohol,” shared Paul. He reflected on his past as an alcoholic, where a few drinks would swiftly lead to drowsiness. Little did he know, this was a precursor to his diabetic state.

A Sobering Revelation

Six months preceding his diagnosis, Paul had embraced sobriety, a pivotal decision dictated by his health. “The silver lining in this situation was maintaining sobriety,” he confessed. It marked a turning point in his life, steering him away from alcohol consumption.

Unique Diabetes Journeys

Living with diabetes, whether directly or supporting someone afflicted, entails diverse experiences. Paul aimed to spread awareness, shedding light on his journey ahead of World Diabetes Day.

Navigating Diabetes Management

“Managing diabetes through medication has been my primary approach. However, altering my diet posed considerable challenges,” shared Paul. His struggle to curb cravings for crisps, chocolate, and biscuits persisted. Despite this, he diligently endeavors to enhance his physical activity.

Advocating Education and Awareness

Expressing the need for widespread education on diabetes, Paul stressed the importance of recognizing pre-diabetic symptoms. “Many remain unaware until it’s diagnosed. Education on food preparation and early signs is crucial,” emphasized Paul.

Educational Endeavors

Paul credits the DESMOND course for its contribution to his dietary awareness. The course facilitated a better understanding of complex carbohydrates, aiding in his diabetes management.

Support Systems and Physical Activities

The Men in Sheds group stands as a robust support system for Paul. Engaging in light exercises and activities fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants. Paul commends Blackburn Rovers Community Trust for their exceptional work and the invaluable support extended to him.

Ilyas Patel’s Perspective

Ilyas Patel, overseeing the Men in Sheds program, commends the program’s multifaceted benefits. He highlights the program’s contribution to both mental and physical well-being through activities like gardening and group walks.

Paul’s Remarkable Journey

Praising Paul’s resilience and openness, Ilyas acknowledges Paul’s remarkable transformation within the Men in Sheds program. Paul’s commitment and determination have earned him immense respect and admiration within the community.

An Inspiring Transformation

From grappling with social skills to actively engaging in community programs and volunteering initiatives, Paul’s transformation stands as a testament to his resilience and growth. His journey embodies the essence of empowerment and resilience.

Paul Kennedy’s journey through diabetes, coupled with his involvement in community initiatives, serves as an inspiring narrative of perseverance and growth. His unwavering spirit and commitment continue to inspire those around him within the Men in Sheds community and beyond.

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